lørdag den 29. januar 2011

Days 19-23 Tuesday-Saturday

Okay, they're backwards in order, sorry!
Day 23- dancing in the street!
Day 22- hahaa, I burnt the popcorn :P
Day 21- chilling in the Skive Å
Day 20- Oddense Kirke (church)
Day 19- Nighttime in Skive, sorry it's blurry D:

Day 18, Monday 24/1/11

Dress up LOL

torsdag den 20. januar 2011

onsdag den 19. januar 2011

søndag den 16. januar 2011

Day 10, Sunday

Picture- I look kinda weird in this..... Oh well, so I had to pay a visit to the only Starbucks in Denmark! It's at the airport in Copenhagen. :D Ooooh I was one happy American!

Day 9, Saturday :D

Picture- me with a Royal Danish Guard!!! I'm such a tourist..... ;D I feel bad for these guys sometimes. :P Interesting fact- my host brother and father were once royal guards themselves. This was after the changing of the guards ceremony, which took about an hour. It was special because the crown prince and princess took their new-born twins home the day before! I will add the rest of the pictures to Facebook.

Day 8! Friday

Picture- This was on t.v. The crown princess Mary and crown prince Frederik of Denmark are taking their new-born twins home from the hospital! It was a very special day for not just the parents, but also for all of Denmark! :D

Daaaay 7!!

Picture- my host mom reading the card I got for her and my host dad for their anniversary. :)

fredag den 14. januar 2011


Expect a delay in updating while I'm in Copenhagen. That means I'll add my pictures from the trip sometime on Sunday or Monday! :)

onsdag den 12. januar 2011

Day 6 !! 8D

Picture: Yesterday, no snow. Today, covered with snow! This makes my walks home very exciting- I never know if I'll be slipping on snow or ice!! :O

tirsdag den 11. januar 2011

Day 5 (Dag Fem)

Picture: On the 30 minute walk home from the bus stop after school. This is only at the halfway mark...

mandag den 10. januar 2011

Day 4!

Sorry this is a day late, but I had a long day yesterday and passed out as soon as I got home. :P

Picture: After the Rotary meeting last night one of the members drove me home. We stopped at his farm first so he could show me their chickens. They had just bought about 20,000 just hatched chicks!! I had never seen so many baby chickens at one time, it was so amazing! I know they have a grim future, but right now they are adorable! :3

søndag den 9. januar 2011

Day 3

It's already day 3!! :O For the past couple of weeks my host mom has been working on knitting a sweater for her son, Thomas. I have been following her project and listened to her explain the process (even if I don't understand everything :P). It has been a while since the first time I tried knitting, and when she offered to teach me, I gladly accepted the challenge. :D So, I have been working on this little project for... 2 days now? I think? Or maybe 1. I really can't remember. :P Oh well, it's certainly coming along nicely, so I decided it would go in this project!

Picture: my newest challenge- knitting! Grandmother will be proud... :)

lørdag den 8. januar 2011

Day 2

It's day 2!! haha

Picture: kaffe og kage (coffee and cake), my two favorite things in the whole wide world :)

fredag den 7. januar 2011

Project 365 Day 1!!

Hey everyone,
So while surfing the web randomly one day, I noticed a new trend that caught my eye. I think it's called the Project 365, but I haven't read any 'official' information on it. From what I understand, it's just a project where you take one special or random picture every day for an entire year. Anyway, I thought it sounded like a really awesome idea and something I'm totally into-photography! I used to love photography so so much and I kind of miss it. A lot actually. So I figured this would be a great way to start up again. :)

So, I bring you day 1 of my Project 365! I took this with my webcam right after I decided I am totally doing this adventure!! I can't wait to see what the last picture, a year from now, will look like!!! :D

Update: so I searched for this project and the URL for the official website is 365project.org Check it out!